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Below is the list of mobile apps we've made (so far!) ...

Mickledore Travel

Count The Days Left

We've been working closely with Mickledore Travel to build mobile apps to get the most out of their holiday. The initial versions are mainly based around providing electronic versions of their trip documentation, as well as integrating closely with their existing website and social media.

The apps went live into the App Stores in March 2017.

Technology: iOS app using Swift, Location, Web services, and many other core frameworks. Android app obviously uses Java and equivalent services.

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Count The Days Left

Count The Days Left

Count The Days Left is a simple, elegant app that does just one thing - counts the days between the start and end date of an event or project, and how far along you've progressed so far. It's been in the App Store since March 2015

Technology: iOS app using Swift, WatchKit and many other core frameworks

We developed this app "in the open", so the source code is available on GitHub and you can read about our development journey on our blog.

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Yeltzland - Stuff about Halesowen Town


Everything you wanted to know about Halesowen Town FC in one simple app:

No original content, but having everything in one place makes it easier for you to find.

We've also developed an Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo so you can Ask Alexa to tell you about information about the fixtures and scores for the mighty Yeltz.

The app is an Open Source project, so if you're interested in the code it's available on GitHub - iOS, Android and Alexa Skill repositories.


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Daily Optimiser

Daily Optimiser

Daily Optimiser is a universal iOS daily planner app that helps getting things done. It's been in the App Store since July 2014, and we're continuing to bring out new and hopefully improved versions.

Technology: iOS app using UIKit, CoreData, EventKit, CAAnimation, ...

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Pixagogo was a fun and easy way to explore Instagram pictures of places and people nearby. It's been in the App Store from September 2014.

Technology: iOS app using UIKit, Location Services, Web Services/JSON integration...

Instagram changed their API access in June 2016, so unfortunately the app has been disabled and pulled from the App Store since then

Bedside Clock

Screenshot 1

Bedside Clock turns your Windows Phone into a clock that is always on - perfect for putting next to your bed ...

Technology: Built using C# and XAML, plus ingesting data from various Yahoo web services.

Due to Yahoo! removing free access to services that are heavily used by the app, unfortunately it's now been removed from the Windows Store.