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Recently we've started developing voice-driven applications, and here's what we've built so far ...

Miss Positive

We built an Alexa Skill called "Miss Positive" to try to encourage an optimistic outlook on life.

All this simple but effective skill does is answer any question you ask with a randomly selected positive answer.

You can read more about this on this blog post.


Yeltzland - Stuff about Halesowen Town

As well as being on (many!) other platforms, we've developed an Alexa Skill so you can Ask Alexa to tell you about information about the fixtures and scores for the mighty Yeltz, as well as an Apple TV app.

The app is an Open Source project, so if you're interested in the code it's available on GitHub.

We've also implemented the same functionality for Google Assistant, as well as adding Siri support into the iOS app.